White Tara Dolma

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The origin of White Tara is same as that of Green Tara. She appeared out of tear drops of Avalokiteshwara when he saw the beings in samsara are still full of misery in spite of his efforts to liberate them. This form of Tara is described in the meditational text as follows.


White Tara is seated in full vajra posture and her left hand which is poised at the heart holds the stem of the lotus that opens into blossom beside her left shoulder. Her right hand is in the varada mudra symbolizing supreme generosity. She is seated upright on the moon disk. She is wearing all sorts of precious ornaments and looks beautiful maiden of 16 years of age. Amitabha Buddha image sits upon the head as a crown. The practice of white Tara is basically performed in order to prolong life as well as for healing purpose. It is said that because Aryatara is the collective manifestation of the enlightened activity of all the Buddhas, her sadhana is easily accomplished. The recitation of her mantra merely a hundred thousand times with the motivation of bodhicitta will cause avertion of hindrances.