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The winged head Heruka Archetype deity with three faces and six arms is probably Vajrakumara (also known as Vajrakila). He is shown as terrific union with his wisdom consort. Together they represent the union of wisdom (female) and artful method (male), which is the compassionate action. They stand on prostrate figures, one male and one female, symbolizing their triumph over delusion. Marks of his status as a terrific Heruka includes the flayed skin of an elephant and of a human being, both of which are stretched over his back as two separate pieces. He wears a long garland of fifty severed heads, representing the negative attitudes severed and turned into ornaments by wisdom. He also wears over each face a five-skull crown, representing the five addictions transmuted into the five wisdoms. His consort is one-faced and two-armed and holds vajra chopper and r bowl. She is dressed in a leopard-skin shirt, wears a five-skull crown, and has a flower on the back of her hair.