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Bhaisajya Tathagata is called Healing Buddha or Medicine Buddha. He is able to cure sickness of birth and death. His body is bright like Lapislazuli. He resides in the eastern world of purified Lapislazuli. He is assisted by 2 Bodhisattvas called Suryaprabha and Chandrapabha to transform and teach living beings in that land.

The usual color of Medicine Buddha was blue or Lapislazuli in color. But, he had also golden color. His right hand held a branch of the Myrobalan in Varada mudra gesture. His left hand is in the lap holding a pindapatra (Alms bowl).

The blue or Lapislazuli color of this body symbolizes that he takes all the diseases and sicknesses of the suffering beings on to himself. The plant Myrobalan signifies the medicine which heals all the sicknesses of the sentient beings.

According to Bhaisajyaguru Buddha Sutra, he made 12 great vows before his attainment of Buddha hood. The important vows are as follows:

To eliminate sickness from all living beings and make them feel easy and happy in order to attain Buddha hood and to liberate beings from disasters and calamities. It is said that the land of Medicine Buddha (Bhaisajya Buddha) is genuinely pure. In that land, the ground is paved with purified Lapislazuli. The cities, buildings and palaces are made of seven jewels. In that land, the sentient beings do not commit any evil deeds; hence, there are no lower realms. It can well be compared with Sukhavati heaven of Buddha Amitabha.

In Tibetan medical tradition, Bhaisajya Buddha is said to be the source