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Manjushree is the embodiment of the characteristics of enlightened mind i.e. discriminating wisdom. Manjushree has the ability to see the nature of reality as it is. He is seen holding the flaming sword of wisdom with his right hand and a book called Prajnaparamita with his left hand. He has many names such as Manjuvajra, Manjughosa, Vajishvara, Arapacana, etc. In Mahayana Buddhist tradition, he is regarded as having supreme wisdom among Bodhisattvas. He is also called prince of Dharma because of his eloquent wisdom.


According to Surangamasamadhi sutra, he became a Buddha in past immeasurable aeon ago although he manifests as the assistant to Shakyamuni Buddha. According to Manjushreevyuhalamkara sutra, he was the teacher of countless Buddhas in the past and led numerous cultivators to certify the fruits of Buddha hood. He is thus, called the mother of all Buddha in three worlds. In Namasangiti text he is designated as Adi‑Buddha, premoridial Buddha i.e. embodiment of all self existing awareness. He is said to have cut the gorge of Chovar hill with his flaming sword Chandrahasa and led the waters flow out and thereby open the valley for human habitation and spread Buddha Dharma.

In Gandav Yuha sutra, it is said that Manjushree incited Bodhisattva Sudhana to seek dharmas of enlightenment from 53 Kalyanamitras.

Wu‑Tai‑Shan Mountain of mainland China is said to be the Bodhimanda of Manjushree.