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Kalachakra is the deity of Highest Yoga Tantra class, its initiation is given to only selected disciples who are qualified and had a foundation experience of renunciation, Bodhisattva and correct view of Emptiness. In Nepalese tradition too, the initiation of Kalachakra is performed very often by learned Vajracharya priests. Receiving empowerment of this deity is a rare event these days.


It is said that one year after Shakyamuni Buddha attained Enlightenment, he was requested by King Candrabhadra of Shambala to teach the Kalchakra Tantra. Buddha then manifested himself in the form of Kalachakra meditational deity in South India and gave the full teachings and initiation of his tantra.


Kalachakra teaching was then transmitted through a lineage of seven kings and 25 propagators. The Kalachakra initiation session have been performed several times by His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama at the present time also. Those who have received this initiation may use this meditational deity for Yidam practice.


Kalachakra has four faces, 24 arms and 2 legs. His front face is blue with bear fangs; right face is red, left white and rear yellow each with three eyes. His blue face expresses wrathfulness. The deity is adorned with many jewels, ornaments, such as the earrings, necklace, the crown, the bangles and anklets and so on. He is dressed in a tiger skin.

Among his 24 arms, 12 arms are on either side. The first 4 arms black, the middle red, and the last 4 arms are white. The first of the black arms embraces the consort and holds a vajra in the hand, the second a sword, third trident, and the fourth a cleaver. The first of the right red hand holds an arrow, the second long handled vajra hook, the third a damaru and the fourth a hammer. Again, the first of the right white hands holds a wheel, the second a sword, the third a stick, and the fourth an axe. The first of the left black hands holds a bell, the second a shield, third a khatvang, the fourth kapala i.e. skull cup. The first of the left right hands bow, the second a lasso, the third a precious jewel and the fourth a white lotus. The first of the left white hands holds a white conch, the second a mirror, the third an iron chain and the fourth the head of the deity Brahma by the hair.


The Kalachakra has two legs. The right one is red and the left one is white symbolizing the right energy channels containing blood and left energy channels containing white bodhicitta.  The consort of Kalachakra is called Visvamati. She is yellow in color and has four faces, each with three eyes. The other three faces are white, black and red. She has eight arms, 4 each on the either side. First right hand embraces Kalachakra, the second a vajra hook, the third a damaru and the fourth a rosary. The first of her left hand embraces Kalachakra, holds a kapala filled with blood, the second a lasso, the third a lotus, the fourth a precious jewel. The consort wears a crown and is adorned with five types of ornaments. She is in union with the deity Kalachakra.