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Guru Padma Sambhava is popularly known as Guru Rinpoche, the precious teacher. He was powerful tantrik Buddhist master who was invited to Tibet in the eight century to diffuse the Buddhism in Tibet. He subdued many harmful influences and forces that hindered the spread of compassionate teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni. Through his miraculous powers and enlightened experiences, he taught many disciples who came out to be perfect masters of Tantrik Buddhism. He is said to have 25 great disciples who were instrumental in preserving the sacred teachings of Lord Buddha till today through their various manifestations.


Guru Rinpoche is said to have eight manifestations called Guru Tsangye in peaceful and wrathful posture. Through them he caused Vajrayana Dharma to spread widely in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet. Guru Rinpoche is revered as founders in Nyingma or ancient tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetans believe Guru Rinpoche as no different from Shakyamuni Buddha himself.


Guru Rinpoche’s body is depicted as golden in color. His hat is usually red. So, Nyingmapa is generally called Red Hat Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. He wears different robes of different colors symbolizing his enlightened experiences and attainments. His inner garment is white symbolizing clear light aspect of his mind and outer garment of red color which means he has deep and great compassion for all sentient beings. His outermost coat is brown symbolizing his renunciation. He is seated upon a lotus of alternating blue with red and green with orange petals.