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Guru Milarepa is believed to be the most beloved and highly accomplished Buddhist master of Tibet. His songs on enlightened experiences are still sung today by the learned and lay people alike. Guru Milarepa during his earlier career committed much evil deeds through black magic and sending hail storms too. He later regretted his evil deeds and eventually found his worthy and enlightened Guru Marpa, who put him on trials and hardships in order to test his Guru devotion and eagerness to practice Dharma teachings. He later conferred on him the series of empowerments and essential teaching of Mahamudra which he received from Guru Naropa. Guru Milarepa meditated on these Tantric teachings with great zeal in wild and forlorn mountains for six years and eventually achieved the realization of Vajradharahood in his very lifetime.

Millions of devotees took inspiration from his practice and validity of Buddhist teachings. Guru Milarepa is generally seen on cotton clad dress seated over antelope skin with Lalitasana posture. He wears a meditation band. His right hand is generally put on the ears symbolizing that he is listening to the voices of beings in lower realms. He has great compassion for them and sentient being in general. His body is usually blue or green in colour. It is said that during his meditation he ate nothing but nettles for his long period of time and his skin thus assumed a greenish hue. Sometimes to represent his realizations, his body is depicted golden in color too.