Guru Atisha

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Guru Atisha is popularly known as Acarya Dipamkarasrijnana.  He lived some 1000 years ago (982-1054 AD). He was born in a royal family of Benga. From a very young age he studied and mastered many spiritual texts on various subjects.  He went to Sumatra with arduous journey lasting for 13 months to meet the illustrious master of bodhishisatva tradition honored and respected as guru  Suvarnadvipa.  He received teaching on mind training in completeness.  He was invited to Tiobet to eliminate all the mistakes and misunderstandings concerning the teaching of Hinayana,  Mahayana and Tantrayana.  He established kadmapa sect in Tibet through his Tibetan discipline Drontonpa.

Guru Atisha is generally seen seated in vajra posture with dharmachakra mudra.  A kadam style stupa is usually seen on his right side symbolizing awakened mind and the stages of path to enlightment.