Can I purchase handicraft Online ?
rainbowthanka.com is the official Online Store of Rainbow Thanka Gallery and other handicraft dealers. You can purchase any of the products displayed on our website and also ask for custom designs.
Where is the Physical Location of your Store ?
Our Physical Location is 453, Nursing chowk – Thamel-29, Kathmandu, Nepal, Which is one of the major Tourist center about 7 Km from International Airport of Nepal. You can view our google map on contact us page.
What prices do you have for the Wholesale Customers, do you sale single piece as well?
Most of the handicraft display on our online store are for retail sales. You can always buy a single piece or multiple as per your requirement. We have different price for the traders and wholesale customers. Please write us at info@rainbowthanka.com.np for wholesale price and benefits.
Do i get any discount if i choose multiple products or purchase quantity products from each design ?
We have two categories for reduced price of the Khukuries. One is Wholesale Discount and another quantity discount. If you are a re-seller we encourage you to become a registered wholesale customer if you are an individual wanted to buy multiple products occasionally for gifts or kind of performance you can’ll get a Quantity Discount.
How can I pay for my order?
For orders placed from outside of Nepal, we accept payment by different payment method. For online purchase, we do accept payment by Credit cards directly (CC info needed). Similarly for the other order, payment can be made by Western Union Money Transfer or Bank Transfer.
How long will it take to make my order?
Products purchased on retail or online store products takes 4-5 business days to deliver at your home once the payment is cleared. But wholesale purchase will depend on the size, complexity and quantity of the order itself, depending upon availability of stock it can take 10 to 45 days.
How much will the shipping charges be?
This will depend on the weight of your purchase. Small quantity weight volume less than 50 Kg with packing will be for home delivery by express courier like DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx and so on. We can use alternative methods of shipment for quantity purchase having more weights. We can provide you the final cost of shipment once the total weight with packing is known.
Do you offer credit terms?
Yes, we do offer credit however it will depend upon mutual business relation and negotiations.
My custom is tough to import a handicraft. What can you help me on my purchase of your handicraft for easy custom release?
Handicraft is a traditional handmade craft which people purchase for home decoration and souvenir. However, we make a copy of invoice, information paper to explain that our products are genuine handicraft and other supporting documents also will be provided to make easy release of the parcel.
Can I visit you in person?
Sure, we have a showroom in Nepal, located at 453, Thamel Nursing Chowk, Kathmandu. We are always open to visit you and talk about the business anytime at our Showroom.