Amitabha Buddha

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Amitabha Buddha is also one of the five Tathagatas representing the wisdom of discriminating awarenesses. When discriminating wisdom dawns on us, we realize non-production or non origination of all things. He also represents purified form of desire. Amitabha Buddha is red in color. He is represented in a stupa facing to the west. He rides on peacock symbolizing that he can take away the suffering of others just as the peacock eats poisonous and yet his tail shines forth.

Amitabha in Sanskrit means immeasurable light or limitless light. He resides in the western land of unlimited bliss. He is assisted by two Bodhisattvas viz. Avalokiteshvara and Mahasthamprapta.

When he was in Bodhisattva, he was called Bhikshu Dharmakar. He made 48 vows to establish an adorned land of unlimited bliss of ferry over those living beings who recite his name. On the basis of those vows, any living beings who have faith, makes vows, and practices diligently he will be received by this Buddha and will be reborn in the land of unlimited bliss.

Amitabha Buddha presides over the Bhadrakalpa i.e. fortunate aeon. He always exhibits Dhyana mudra. He belongs to lotus family. He originates from seed syllable Hrih. He can be recognized by the symbol of lotus.

With his extensive vows and great compassion, this Buddha has ferried over innumerable sentient beings. The recitation of the name of Amitabha Buddha is a common practice in China and Japan. In Tibet too, devotees recite very often the prayers to be reborn in the land of  Amitabha Buddha.