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Neel Bahadur Shahi after leaving the village home due to continuous pressure to study started his carrier in early teenage.  Having lost his young father in tree cutting process for school construction, he then decided to quit his study and leave the home at the same time and came to Kathmandu with 20 Kgs of stolen rice.  He then started working in a shop in Thamel with the help of people from village who was already in Kathmandu.  His initial salary was Rs 100/- a month and a full plate of rice and vegetable was possible at 2 rupees. He used to purchase a plate of rice and vegetables was free, then keep adding additional plates of vegetables for free.  Being gentle and dedicated to work, people loved him and offer better job in the shops by time.  One day he was working in a partnered shop who then accused him of stealing the goods make him leave the shop.  Then impressed with his hard work and sincerity, Shreejana Rajkarnikar and Sunil Rajkarnikar has decided to offer him as a partner with no investment. This was his life turning point and they together started Rainbow Thanka Gallery over two decades ago.